CEO's Message

Mohamed Ahmed

Managing Director, Kinetic Holding

“Kinetic Holding was originally established with the goal of creating a highly successful group of businesses that would each fill a niche in their specific market sectors.
I am proud to say that our original goal still holds true and that we have successfully expanded and evolved the group far beyond our original aspirations.
We have been very fortunate to develop the company within the vibrant setting of the UAE, a nation which has achieved incredible global success since its foundation in 1971, and which is preparing for even greater success in the future.
Its strategic future development plan includes introducing systems to make government faster, more flexible and more adaptable, together with economic, social and cultural changes that will bring greater business and commercial opportunities, while developing vital sectors such as health, education, housing, transport and food security.
At Kinetic, we are committed to being a part of this exciting future. We will continue to look at ways to expand and diversify our business and to contribute to our local and regional communities in every way we can.”